Free VST Compressors

The compressors that come standard with the latest incarnation of DAW’s are quite decent, but sometimes it’s nice to experiment with other options!  There are more freeby VST’s out there, but many of them deliver less than what you probably already have available.  These are my top picks:

General use compressors

Blockfish – simple, quick, but effective compressor.


TDR Feedback Compressor II – API 2500 clone.  One of the most versatile & transparent free compressors.

TDR Feedback Compressor II


Compressors with a higher purpose

Modern Lost Angel – Classic LA-2A® Compressor clone  (adds some colour)

Modern Lost Angel

Modern Seventh Sign – Classic 1176LN® Compressor clone (good for parallel compression with it’s high ratios)

Modern Seventh Sign

 5orcery – 5 band compressor




Bus Compressors

TDR Feedback Compressor II – API 2500 clone

Modern Apophis – Classic SSL® G384 Compressor clone  (use as a bus compressor)

Modern Apophis

Modern VF-ME – Classic Fairchild® compressor emulator  (bus compressor)

Modern VF-ME

Density MkII – L/R, Stereo & M/S modes

Density mk II compressor