What’s the use of crying? ©1992 Grant Schwarz

While wasting some time before heading off to an art show, I was approached by street-kid who asked for money. He was about 14 and a dirty, smelly mess. I didn’t give him any money, but offered to buy him some food.

Without going into every detail (full version here), I ended up giving him my shoes (he had none). That night after the show, I went home and pondered how unfair it was that I could just go out he next day and buy new shoes, while this kid did it tough. I sat down at my piano and then this song simply flowed out.

I sequenced the music on a Yamaha QY300 and the drums through an Alesis SR-16. The guitar tracks & vocals were added in the studio (in 2000), with 10 other songs in chaotic couple of days of budget studio time.

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