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Fish with Teeth

Fish with Teeth‘ was a band competition I was part of organising back in 1993, 94 & 95.

Living in Adelaide, South Australia, outside of contemporary Church services there really wasn’t too many avenues for young Christian musicians to perform, let alone encourage original music.  

Bethlehem Lutheran Church is in the heart of the city, it had all the facilities we needed to put on a show.  An organising group was put together and we made it happen.  The name ‘Fish with Teeth’ was bandied around while we were trying to find a name & logo to represent us.  Originally only said in passing as a joke, everyone felt it was a great representation of the Christian ‘fish’ symbol with the attitude of youth!  

We invited all the Lutheran Churches to be involved and got a a great response.   Now days, most Churches have some form of evening service or contemporary service every week, but back then not so – this was a huge opportunity!

 In 1993, some friends and I from Church put a band together called ‘Count Mambo & the Jive Five’ – with a 3-piece brass section, 12 yr old Drummer, Student Pastor on Keys/Bass & myself on Guitars/Vocals.   As part of the deal to play, each band got an hour worth of studio time to record their songs.  The studio was partly demolished (only had 2 walls), but it was a great experience regardless.  We played 2x of my original songs:  ‘The Prodigal Son Blues‘ & ‘Runaway‘.

In 1994, Count Mambo returned with a new drummer, a real bass player, extra singer and dropped the keyboard.  We were put on first to draw the crowd in.  Which we did, with our dodgdy version of the Muppets & Yakety Sax.  We did an Amy Grant cover ‘Too late’ and then one of my original songs – ‘Voices’.

In 1995, we played once more, this time as ‘Banana Sandwhich’ with my soon to be wife on Vocals, a bass player, sequencer & drum machine.  We played 2 original songs which were later recorded in another dodgy backyard studio – ‘Set me free’  & ‘Shine like a star’.

Runaway (Studio live)

Runaway ©1990 Grant Schwarz.

A group of friends and I played in a band competition for local Churches in 1993 and we got about an hour of studio time for free!  The studio was half demolished (missing walls), but it was a great experience.

Really dodgy singing, 3-piece brass section, 12yr old drummer, keyboard/bass player is now a Pastor – we had it all!   I re-recorded it in 2000 with sequencer backing tracks and live guitars ( here)